I find that whenever I come back from wherever I’ve travelled, the first thing I look for on the highway back to Toronto is the misty hint of skyline, just visible on a clear day across Lake Ontario from the top of Hamilton Mountain. It looks dreamy then, bordered briefly by the humps of the… Continue reading 10

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Attawapiskat: Break Our Hearts For What Breaks Yours

As the Native friend in my circles, I’m often asked what we could do better when it comes to Canada’s Native Nations. And the fact is, I don’t know. I don’t have any one solution to a centuries-old colonial mess. Being Native is still a very cloudy experience for me. I struggle with my own… Continue reading Attawapiskat: Break Our Hearts For What Breaks Yours

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Like a Boomerang: Navigating Referred Trauma as a Native

Referred trauma is a relatively new science. It’s actually so new, most people don’t know what it is. I can only explain it insofar as how it’s affected me. Referred trauma is the science of trauma changing your DNA. It happens when your parents, or grandparents, or their grandparents, undergo a traumatic experience that then… Continue reading Like a Boomerang: Navigating Referred Trauma as a Native

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Starfish Fingers: My Infertility Story

About four months ago, I found out that I was infertile. I’d just undergone an ultrasound as the first step to an official diagnosis for my long-suspected endometriosis. “Nothing to indicate actual deposits,” I was told. “But you have low ovarian motility and a retroverted uterus. You most likely have it and we’ll need to… Continue reading Starfish Fingers: My Infertility Story

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In All, It’s About Being Home

“It’s so beautiful here. But you never told me how much it would hurt.” At the end of a year, I always like to go back through photos I’ve taken to see where I’ve been. I do it even if I really haven’t been anywhere – because your journey can be made through images, and… Continue reading In All, It’s About Being Home